What is Legato Live?

A platform for musicians to collaborate and perform music online.


Can I really perform live with other musicians in real time over the internet?

It turns out that live performance online is way less impossible than everyone said.


How do I use Legato Live?

Right now it’s in a Private Alpha. We do have some public events in the Los Angeles area for musicians to interact with Legato Live in real time.  Check our calendar for details.


How does it work?

Right now? Not all that well, but it was considered impossible a few weeks ago so we think we’re making good progress.  Oh you meant technically?  Our patent pending technology is in active development.


When will Legato Live Launch?

We are targeting a Q1 2021 launch for our public platform.


What are the Subscription Types for Legato Live?

  • Listener – Free. You’re able to watch as much Legato Live content as you like, interact with performers, and find new content that interests you.
  • Listener+ - $4.99/month – An ad free listening experience with a discount on paid events.
  • Musician - $19.99/month. You’re able to stream up to 50 hours per month and keep an online archive with up to 4 hours of content.
  • Musician+ - $99.99/month – You’re able to stream up to 300 hours per month and keep an archive of 24 hours of content. You can also stream to custom RTMP endpoints.
  • Studio Pro - $99.99/month plus streaming and storage fees.

Where can I stream my Legato Live Content?

Legato Live content can be streamed within the Legato Live platform and on any platform that allows music. Check the subscription plans for information on which specific capabilities are available with each plan.


Can I DJ a prerecorded set on Legato Live?

Legato Live is for Live performance.


Can I host a Virtual Concert Event on Legato Live and sell tickets?

We charge a 25% platform fee for each ticket sold.


How do rights work on Legato Live?

You own the copyright on recordings you make. If you perform copyrighted music your subscription fee will cover ASCAP/BMI/SESAC fees.


Why is it called Legato Live?

In music, the term “Legato” indicates that musical notes are connected. In sheet music, it is denoted as a connection between notes.  Legato Live connects musicians.


How does tipping work?

Tipping is supported within the platform. You keep 100% of the tips you make.


How many musicians can I collaborate with at one?

Um, ask us later? So far we’ve done a max of 8.  We are targeting 12 for our v1 launch.  The upper limit is still unknown.


How can listeners send requests?

Through realtime chat and via our platform tools.


How does the Facebook Live integration work?

With Musician+ you’re able to stream to Facebook Live and custom RTMP sources.


How do rights fees work?

You’ll be asked to upload a setlist. Rights are included in your subscription plan.  If you don’t upload setlists a blanket fee will be assessed.


Can I record videos with Legato Live?

Both Musician and Musician+ have this capability.


What branding options do I have for Legato Live?

You’ll be able to upload branding such as a band logo and text into your Legato Live Stream.